:)Smiliegames Problem Solver

This is the :)Smiliegames "Problem Solver", designed to help solve some of the most common problems that people have when playing our games.

Please see if you can find your problem in the list below - if you can, click on it to get some help.
If you can't find your problem, please click on "My problem is not on this list."

  • The games don't appear at all

  • I see a grey square where the game should be

  • The game won't respond to my keypresses

  • When I press the spacebar, the game doesn't start

  • I got a high score, but it didn't save

  • My high score disappeared

  • The game locked up (froze) while I was playing

  • The game says "Loading" but never starts

  • Whenever I start browsing the Internet, I get taken to "www.smiliegames.com"

  • Your site is set as my homepage, and I can't change it

  • I get disconnected from the internet while I am playing your games

  • I can't see all of the game's play area

  • Some bits of the game are off-screen

  • I can't turn the game's music on/off

  • I can't turn the game's sound effects on/off

  • My joystick does not work with the games

  • My gamepad does not work with the games

  • I can't install your free South Park Font

  • I'm having trouble using this Problem Solver

  • My problem is not on this list